Let’s talk about climate change

Monday, 2 June 2014
A few days ago they presented some shocking images about the irreversible melting of the ice sheet in Western Antarctica. Here you have a video about it:

 As it happens, experts say that it is officially irreversible. The time range is very low, in particular if we compare it with geological times. Numbers are around 100 years. Perhaps not now, but one or two generations after us will have the problem of the change in the coastlines due to the rise of the sea level. 

The climate is changing irreversibly. The news about the irreversible melting of the ice in Antarctica is only an example of the latest discoveries about climate change in the world. And the only thing we can do now is to prepare for that change. We could try to slow down the process, but it is too late to think about stopping it. Not only we will have a rise in the sea level, but the Antarctic ice melted in the sea will probably change the current oceanic streams, thus changing the climate globally. 

In related news, for those who still don´t know, we should prepare for a strong El Niño this year. People from NGOs are already warning about the consequences of this fact, and it is in their highest priority to prepare for that. Consequences include wetter than normal season in East Africa, and drier than normal season in south-central Africa. The continuous warming of the Earth will probably cause stronger ENSO phases, causing extreme floods and famine. 

And while scientists are more or less agreeing about the fact that it is actually happening (although there are still some that deny it) and the point where they have more arguments is in the man´s influence in the change, we find that governments are still adamant about changing their politics to fight this imminent change in the climate.

I was surprised when I read that Canadian weather forecasters are forbidden from talk about climate change. It´s true that meteorological time and spatial scales are lower than climate scales, but I don´t see a reason why they are not allowed to discuss climate change in their channel. The Canadian government seems to be clearly against informing people about climate change. And I guess it´s not the only country where this topic is taboo. 

I think we should be allowed to freely discuss environmental issues, with well informed people and well intended politicians.

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