Das lied von das Universum

Sunday, 14 February 2016
I just read “The life of Galileo”, by Bertolt Brecht. Brecht, a man of his time, was worried about the ethics of the scientific work. My personal opinion is that it is not science itself that has to be under scrutiny, but its uses. Science has improved our lives in general, when used properly. And knowledge is a treasure for us all. Only us can save us from ourselves, and knowledge is the way to go. 

A sentence was highlighted by somebody else in the version I have been reading: “Unhappy the land that has no heroes!”. Galileo´s recantation has been cried. However, I would stick to another one, by Galileo later on in the play, which is not highlighted: “Unhappy the land where heroes are needed”.

1616: The Copernican theory is censored by the church. But, 400 years later, we “hear” the music of the Universe. When Galileo oriented the newly invented telescope to Jupiter, he started a journey, the scientific journey, that led us up to the historical moment we are living now. Much has been said and explained everywhere about gravitational waves. I am only echoing what has been on the news since last February 11th 2016. As all good music, the timing is perfect: 100 years after they were predicted by Einstein, another science´s giant. And, of course, everybody in the planet can have a ringtone with the “music” of two black holes dancing in space. 

Since Galileo, astronomers started to see a silent movie, in black and white. Then there came the colours, with all sorts of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. Now, we can hear the sound, the soundtrack of the Universe. And now, all humanity can participate in the celebration of this gigantic step towards our understanding of the Universe. 

 We are happy, and we have our heroes.

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