Pint of science

Friday, 23 May 2014

What a better way of engaging everyday people in science other than having pint while you explain it?

That is what they thought when they decided to organize Pint of Science. I didn´t know that venue existed until a very good friend told me about it. So, we went for a pint to listen to scientists talk about epigenetics. This word means that genes act depending on what they wear (naked genes vs and dressed genes).

Personally I found very interesting the experience. However, from the two talks, I think the first one was too detailed for the general public, even for me. And, since half of the audience had no scientific background, I thought perhaps it wasn´t what people expected. The second talk was easier to understand, and the speaker was able to engage the audience in an interactive talk.

In any case, I think the idea is great. I hope next year we could be involved in that event as scientists, and organize it in our university.

And, well, they had T-shirts, but they weren´t on sale. They were only for the speakers. I think they could raise funds by selling T-shirts. I wanted one!

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