Inge Lehmann

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Today Google remembers the birth of Inge Lehmann with their doodle. Inge Lehmann is the most well-known female seismologist in history. Thanks to her interpretation of seismograms, we now know that the Earth’s core has an inner core and an outer core. 

People are so interested in looking at the stars, that most of the time we do not realise how little we know about our own Earth. I do not mean that Astronomy and related sciences are not interesting. But sometimes we forget about our own surroundings. 

Seismology is still not a very well-known science. Surely due to the difficulties of dealing with a lab that is the size of our Earth, and geological time scales, but we keep trying. 

In any case, I am glad that this woman was honoured with a doodle today. 

Happy birthday, Inge Lehmann!

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