Nock, nock, Uni?

Friday, 13 February 2015
In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded. This is Terry Pratchett's version of the Big Bang. Funny enough, but it is more or less our understanding of the origin of the Universe. 

I read recently about this new theory where there is no singularity at the origin of the Universe. Read here, for example, for the shocking news. 

Of course, whenever I come acroos these kind of groud-breaking theories, I read as much as possible from informed places. I really like the comments in Cuentos Cuánticos (in Spanish). Basically, this person explains that yes, the Big Bang theory still holds. The thing that they changed was the singularity at the beggining of the Universe. Also, it is a mathematical artifact they use in order to remove that singularity, as physicists usually do when we find infinities. We don´t like infinities, because it means that our physical laws don´t hold there. 

And that's the conundrum: what this mathematical trick does is to remove the infinity at the beginning of the Universe, and to move the singularity to minus infinity in time. If that theory is true (something that has to be proven) it means that even at the beginning of the Universe the Laws of Physics would hold. It doesn´t mean that there is no beginning, but that at time 0 we still can use our physical theories to see what happened there. 

If no singularity exists, we will be knocking the door of the beginning of the Universe: Nock, nock, Uni? Nock, nock, Uni? Nock, nock, Uni?

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