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Saturday, 25 January 2014
I am glad to announce the submission of my first paper to the Journal of Universal Rejection

I was pressed to write a poem after the last AGU conference, where you could read a poem or a song related to Earth Sciences. I must say I was very uninspired, but I made a little effort. The thing I came up was the lyrics of a song that has been haunting me since I saw Frozen. So my little song is not very original, since I only changed the lyrics.

Well, I decided to share it with the world, so I sent it to JofUR, and then I am sharing it with you too here, because they don´t really care if you already published it or not. Without much ado:

Publish now

The data shows an interesting trend in it not an error to be seen.
I am afraid of rejection, but if it happens, so be it.
The references are in order, and the maths are all alright.
Not a typo in it, and the footnote´s fine.
Don't plagiarize, and you can't cheat
Be the good author you always have to be
Discus and fit, that figure's wrong well, take it off.

Publish now, publish now
Can't hold it back any more
Publish now, publish now
Don't hesitate it's all done.
I don't care what reviews will say
Write to the editor
I'll send it until is published anyway.

It's funny how some feedback,
Makes everything seem bad,
And the equations that explained it
Can't explain it anymore.
It's time to use that figure too
To show the limits of the truth.
Not right, but close, enough for me
Future work here!

Publish now, publish now
I think this conclusion is nice.
Publish now, publish now
You've never seen this graph.
Here I add
And here I write.
Let the ideas flow.

My keyboard´s steaming I´m writing thousand words.
I'm using Hurst exponent, fractals all around.
And one thought crystallises like an spin glass.
I´m not stoping now,
The die´s already cast.

Publish now, publish now
I´ll write until it is done.
Publish now, publish now
This paper´s must be gone.
Here I add,
The impact factor's high.
Let the ideas flow.
I'll send it until is published anyway.

And here you have the original version:

What do you think?


Jemma :) :) :) said...

EXCELLENT!!! I love it, very well done Abi! I'm impressed :)

Abigail Jiménez said...

Thanks, Jemma :)