Earthquake music

Friday, 6 September 2013
The other they we had a visit from a high school student that wanted to study maths or physics. We were explaining him what we did. He said that he also liked music, so we came up with some music related entertainment: fractal music. 

There are some authors that play with physical models and convert it into music, like Xenakis, for example. We played a little bit, and we ended up creating a program that translates fractals into music. Here you have the result: 

We used the MATLAB scripts written by Ken Schutte, but with fractals. This fractal in particular has a Hurst exponent of 0.8. The timing is equal, but we can choose random or fractal timing too.

Then, at home, I thought that it would be cool to create a movie with an earthquake. The result is this: 

This is what the Lorca (Spain) 2011 earthquake would sound like. The sound is scaled, so this is not a real sound. But I thought it would be nice to see how the earthquake signal could be translated into sound. I am not the first one to think about it. You can look at NOAA , for example. 

Here you have the sound of seismic ambient noise, recorded at Almería (Spain), for a seismic campaign: 

The sound is also scaled.They are very different, don´t you think?

The movies and sounds are nothing special (I don´t think I will win an oscar), but I had fun making them. And I think that´s all that matter. 

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